Dietary guidelines my dietician gave me

Last year I have been quite serious about finally loosing weight. Like everybody else I started on the second of January and have been a good girl for over five months. Meanwhile, I have lost around 8 kg (16 pounds) and have finally received compliments on my new silhouette. Right about that time I have reached a plateau. I was simply fed up with eating oatmeal every single day and being constantly hungry. I confided in a friend of mine and she suggested I visited her dietician. 

Before I move to explaining the entire experience and what I was suggested please bear in mine I am not a doctor, nor health specialist and you should not follow any diet before consulting your doctor. 

I wasn’t convinced at first, as I believe dieticians should be real doctors and not just someone who graduated studies on nutrition, but I figured I had nothing to lose anyway, so why not? Side note: except money I had to pay for the visit, obviously.

In the meantime my dietitian performed several checks on me; including body composition analysis, which showed how much fat I have accumulated over cosy eating all the candy for the last 28 years. She has also stated, that even though I am overweight, my body is very symmetrical which gives hope that one day I will finally loose all the excess fat and my body will look bomb. Yay!

She mentioned my body was well hydrated (another side note: I visited her during heatwave in summer and drank a whole bottle of water before I entered her office) and that I should keep hydrating further in order to rid my body of toxins.

A sliced, healthy avocado

After initial conversation about my eating habits, what I like and can’t stand eating and how my regular day looks like, she adjusted a plan for me, which later was sent over to me via e-mail. She started with explaining that a healthy diet means there will be way more food on my plate and to not worry if it seems too much. Portions are greater, but only in volume, not in calories. There was no limit to how much vegetables I could eat (obviously using common sense, I wouldn’t eat 2 kg of tomatoes with my chicken). She made me conscious about eating more calorie packed vegetables, such as dried tomatoes in olive oil, canned green peas, canned red beans etc. 

Most important rule was to consume breakfast within 1 hour from waking up, and 2-3 hours before going to sleep. She initially wanted me to eat 30 minutes after waking, but I take medication on an empty stomach and cannot eat for an hour after that, so she adjusted that particular time to me. She has also reminded me not to forget to hydrate myself in between meals. Moreover, she has stated I should supplement my diet with several vitamins and microelements, especially that I mentioned severe hair loss – which I have yet to find a solution for. 

My dietitian also suggested that it is vital to abide eating time. According to my lifestyle she suggested meal times as follows:

  • Breakfest 7:30-8:00,
  • Second breakfest 10:30
  • Lunch 1:00 – 2:00 P.M.,
  • Snack 4:00 – 5:00 P.M.,
  • Dinner 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.

She has chosen such time frames after I told her I start work at 7:00 A.M. and go to sleep around 11:00 P.M. I don’t think I ever followed a diet that strict in timing and I think that was part of the reason I never fully committed to this one. As the New Year just started I decided to incorporate all the eating times. Keep fingers crossed!


Milk or dairy product 250 ml (a glass) + cereals 50 g + dried fruit 50 g or 25 g of nuts and sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds or 250 g of fruit (an apple, pear, 1,5 glass of strawberries, redberries, blackberries, 3 peaches – if banana 100 g, if grapes 150 g. 

Rye bread 90g (3 slices) + protein supplement (half of white cheese/five slices of ham/fish/2 eggs) 120 g + fat 10 g (butter) + vegetables,

If the sandwich is with yellow cheese, then 60 g of rye bread (2 slices) + protein supplement (2 slices of cheese) 40 g + fat 5 g + vegetables

SYMBIO strawberry-apple muesli 100 g + natural yoghurt 180 ml (small package). 

I think above suggestions require a little bit of a commentary. I told my dietitian that I am quite busy in the morning and don’t usually have time to prepare anything overcomplicated. I have also stated that I do indeed eat a lot of bread as it’s the easiest to just grab a sandwich and devour it on the go. I have also stated that I love SYMBIO muesli pack and I provided her with content list, which if you are interested I can e-mail to you. At that time muesli was my life saviour as I constantly worked and it took me 2 minutes to simply add yoghurt and enjoy my meal. At first I hated it as it does tasty quite like a park bench, but with time I got used to it and then couldn’t live without it. 

Second breakfast

Rye bread 60 g (2 slices) + protein supplement (slice of ham, fish, slice of white cheese, slice of yellow cheese, half an egg) 20 g + fat 5 g + vegetables

Milk/dairy product 150-180 ml (small package) + cereals 10 g (table spoon of oatmeal or 2 spoons of wheat bran + dried fruit 40 g which can be changed to 20 g of nuts or seeds.

Cottage cheese/kefir/buttermilk 200-250 g (small package) + rye bread 30 g (1 slice) + vegetables


Groats, rice – 3 spoons of dried product/pasta 60 g or potatoes 260 g (3 pieces) + protein supplement (poultry/fish: codfish, trout, pollock) 250 g or pork/beef 180 or other fish: salmon, halibut, mackerel 120 g or camembert 70 g or mozzarella 80 g (white mozzarella), or feta 100 g or eggs 150 g (two big eggs) or 180 g of tofu or 50 g of lentils, beans, peas or 100 g of canned legumins + vegetables + fat 10 g.

Pasta (2 glasses) 120 g + half of protein supplement from the previous section + vegetables + fat 10 g.


Fruit 250 g (if banana 125 g, if grapes 200 g), can be exchanged to 40 g of dried fruit or 20 g of nuts or seeds + milk/dairy product 250 g

Rye bread 60 g (2 slices) or 40 g of groats/rice/pasta or 180 g of potatoes + protein supplement (cheese 1/3 of a brick/ 3 slices of ham/fish/2 small eggs) 80 g or mozzarella 80 g or feta cheese 40 g + fat 5 g + vegetables. If sandwich with yellow cheese then: rye bread 60 g (2 slices) + protein supplement (2 slices of yellow cheese) 40 g + 5 g of fat + vegetables. 

A ball of fresh grapes

I was also sent some information about what to eat before and after training. My entire diet has been based on the fact that I do indeed walk a lot, but I don’t enjoy training that much. She has stated the diet will provide around 1700 kcal a day, which is sufficient deficit for me to loose weight. Just while editing this post I realized I forgot to mention most important issues: no added sugar, no alcohol, no chips and processed foods. 

Unfortunatelly, as I didn’t see immediate results (and quite frankly I was a little spooked by all the weighing and limitations) I quit my diet rather quickly. With New Year starting I figured maybe I could go back to giving it a try as I am nearing 30 and am still a pumpkin. 

What are your thoughts about this diet?

Do you see anything that could help me bear with it? What was your experience with dietitians? Maybe there are some tips you could give me? Share them in the comment section below. 

7 steps to a healthy diet

A healthy diet is something that we all strive for. For me a healthy diet is not about constantly limiting yourself. It’s about deciding to eat products that are beneficial for your well-being. You will never feel great after devouring a Big Mac. Each time I eat one I always regret I did. There is not one occassion where I was genuinely happy I ate something processed, oily or tasting artificial. On the other hand, there were numerous times I felt amazing after having a smoothie, vegetable soup or a homemade lunch.

A ball of fresh grapes

Personally, I struggle constantly with a healthy, well-balanced diet. I had problems with what I eat ever since I moved out of my home a decade ago. I lived alone in a huge city with all those possibilities within arm’s reach and gained an astonishing 20 kg (50 lbs). My problem was that we live in a world where food is very easily accessible. I move my finger over the screen of my phone and McDonald’s is delivered to my apartment in less than 30 minutes. I can online shop for food, order anything I want and there’s no one to judge me, as I’m all alone in my four walls. 

Food is obviously a great part of our life. We cannot live without it, nor would we ever want to. It became an anti-depressant, stress-reliever and  happiness inducers for many of us. Unfortunately, good quality of meals is directly related to how our bodies look and as well all want to be attractive our diet must improve.  Ever since January 2019 I have embarked on a weigh-loss journey and lost 7 kg [15 lbs] and going strong towards my goal. I’m not a specialist nor am I a trained professional, but I think my progress and how well I feel with all the changes can be of help for you.

Here are my 7 steps for a healthy diet that I had successfully implemented into my own life.

A sliced, healthy avocado

1. Eat outmeal or muesli for breakfest

Ever since the beginning of the year I made sure to incorporate low-sugar muesli or oatmeal into my diet. I usually purchase a bag of muesli and eat it with natural yoghurt. During week days I prepare it at work (it takes around 10 minutes for muesli to soak in the yoghurt and not taste like sawdust. At first I struggled with the flavour – it’s not a delicious piece of cake and it’s hard to get used to… very delicate taste. After eating enhanced food for years, it’s quite demanding to switch to a natural one. Fortunately, just after a couple of weeks I noticed a visible improvement in taste (or maybe I simply got used to it, I can’t be sure). I ate muesli so often now I crave it. This morning I had an avocado toast and felt like oatmeal is so much better. It is important not to immediately give up. I understand it won’t be pleasant at first, but when you give it a try it will get better in time. I promise, you will thank me later.

2. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

You probably hear that a lot, don’t you? But have you ever followed that advice? Do you actually drink at least 2 litres of water per day? For the last several months I do, but it took me a significant amount of time to get accustomed to. I started with a very easy task: I had a glass of lemon water each morning, just after waking up. I hated how the water tasted and had to add flavour by adding either lemon or cucumbers. Then, after several weeks, I added another big glass of water to lunch. At first I felt as though I drink too much, but the more water I consumed, the better I felt. Another week passed and I drank 8 glasses of water a day (or 4 bottles). When I reached my goal, I felt amazing! I had so much energy and spark. For a person that never drank lots of water I started craving it. Quite frankly felt unwell when I didn’t get enough. Even now, typing and figuring out which pictures would be most suitable this particular post, I already had two big glasses of sparkling water.

Convince yourself that the more you drink the better you’re going to feel. Also, drinking water boosts metabolism and helps you along the weight-loss journey. 

3. Switch to home cooking

Won tons.

Treat it as an adventure. Developing a daily cooking habit is quite difficult, but it will have so many positive effects you will never regret it. First of all,  food you get at the restaurant is never healthy. It is loaded with preservatives and flavour enhancers. I know it’s much easier to get a yummy hot wing, but your body is not going to be impressed by you devouring so much fat. Second of all, it’s pricy. Obviously, lunch at this new bistro you noticed down the street is at least twice more expensive than lunch you could prepare at home. Also, pre-prepared meals are a trap of enhancers, debatable ingredients and lost cash. 

If you’re motivated, but don’t know how to start, think about what’s stopping you. I discovered that most of the time I didn’t want to cook because I simply didn’t know what to make. I found a website with delicious and healthy recipes and have been following ever since. Even tonight, when I’m sick and trying to calmly die in my bed flooded by running nose, I am going to get up and prepare chicken, rice and vegetables for tomorrow’s lunch at work. 

Sometimes I gave up cooking because I felt like it takes way too much time. 

The same site with recipes helped me by offering short and simple instructions for cooking great, healthy meals. If I was too lazy to go shopping I looked at my bank account and convinced myself, that spending 50 PLN [12 euro or 15$] per lunch is not going to help me save money. I also visualized myself looking bomb and it’s been a great help as well. If you’re interested about my meal-planning routine or my love for slowfood check this post here

4. Make several smart swaps

It’s difficult to eliminate unhealthy food from your diet entirely, but you can definitely make several swaps that will improve your health. I have started with not adding sugar to tea. Instead, I drink them plain or with honey. I eat only full-grain bread as it’s easier to get full with smaller slices.  Look at my list and think of more products which can be easily swapped:

  • never buy flavoured yoghurt. It’s so much tastier to eat a natural one with pieces of fresh fruit. 
  • don’t spend cash on pre-produced products, rather buy fresh ones and cook them yourself,
  • skip the mayo and change it for a greek yoghurt,
  • always order the smaller size of portions, chances are you’ll get full with the food you get. If not you can always order more, if yes – you get additional cash!
A piece of cake and coffee

5. Eat sweets in moderation

I have a full understanding that living sugar-free is a difficult existence. But boy, have I tried! I have struggled with weight for my entire life and a sweet tooth I have has been rather detrimental for my “slim” figure. With years passing I have accepted that there is no way I will ever be able to eliminate sweets from my diet. I accepted that a long time ago and so instead of forcing myself to ditch sweets forever I’m simply eating in moderation. I can have a piece of cake at my niece’s birthday party, I can eat dessert on holidays or even eat a candy bar during a cheat day, but I won’t eat more than I really want. Sometimes one little candy can be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

The problem is that more often than not we don't focus on our needs and keep eating more chocolate because we didn't notice we've had enough

I try to focus more on food and be present and mindfull of what I put in my mouth. Each time I take a bite of something sweet I’m wondering if I want more of it? Was it enough? How did it make me feel? Do I really want more sugar? In most of the cases I don’t and I simply stop eating. Try this exercise at home as it really helps to eat sweets in moderation. Also, as I am used to eating whatever I want (and thus I’m on a weight-loss journey) the cognitive dissonance of not wanting more sweets is quite mindblowing.

6. Believe in 80/20 ratio

80/20 ratio is a simple rule  of eating food that is in 80% good for you and in 20% less healthy. I use this canon for everything in life as I believe balance is necessary for happiness. My regular week consists of 6 days when I eat healthy and a cheat day when I can eat everything I want. I plan cheat days in advance: this week it’s going to be Sunday. There is no limit of what and how much I can eat during a cheat day, but if you keep strong on remaining days you’re not going to eat much more for a splurge day. Also, the healthier you eat the less harmful food you’re going to crave. Right now I have spread myself a little too thin and got lost in sweets and fats. I have simply lost track of my healthy habits and have been struggling to go back, but I still kept the ratio of 80%/20%, hence I didn’t gain any weight.  

7. Keep away from alcoholic beverages

In general alcohol is a terrible idea. When I was younger, I used to party all the time. I could return home at 5 am, get a couple hours of sleep and go straight to work/classes. Then repeat the whole process and never feel bad or too tired. Right now as I’m 28, I can feel the difference. I never stay up later than 1 am as my eyes are already shutting down anyway. I also can’t drink too much alcohol as my stomach protests in the worst of ways. And the thought of the headache, exhaustion and all the other symptoms of hangover is just damming. 

It is not a secret that alcohol is not good for health. 

Quite frankly, it not only causes you to eat more (and less healthy) but it is also dehydrating and damages your natural immune system. I don’t have any tip for you as to how to stop drinking alcohol in general. I’m terrible at it. Seldomly, I love a glass of wine with a fancy dinner, or a pint of beer with friends on Friday nights. Because of my 80/20 rule I indulge in an occasional drink only once a week (it has to be a cheat day) and I’ve noticed positive changes in my skin and general well-being.

Start your healthy lifestyle right now

I hope my tips will help you get on track with a healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions or tips for me, please write them in the comment or contact me through e-mail. Thank you very much for reading my post and visiting Journal of Dorota.

Within your own self is a treasury… an ocean of pure bliss, consciousness, intelligence, creativity, love, happiness, energy and peace… within every human being.

How to stop being broke?

If you’re suffering from lack of money and are wondering why is it that some people always seem to have cash and you’re constantly broke, I think I might have a hint for you – you’re shopping inefficiently!

Please don’t tell me now other people have cash because they earn more. That is a misconception that grew into stereotype, when in reality the difference is: they’re frugal and you’re not. First example: me. I earn quite a lot of money for my age, but at the end of the month I struggle to be able to afford basic domestics. On the other hand, one of my best friends is an aspiring artist who seems to always have cash even though she earns a third of what I do. Since I noticed this phenomenon I became more aware of what I buy and how I manage my money. I hope this post is going to give you some ideas that might help you take care of your budget.


i suck at saving money

I really do suck at saving, I don’t think I ever had real savings my entire life. The following tips come from my personal experience, but I have yet to establish how to use them in a long run. Any tips?

  1. Buy only what you really need.

This goes for food, clothes, appliances, electronics and home decor – although if you really want to save money you don’t need anything else than food. Each time you think you need to buy something, immediately drink a glass of water, sit down and simply don’t do it. If you lived for a year without a dishwasher, and you struggle with cash, probably you don’t need the dishwasher that much. If your closet is full of clothes don’t buy another white t-shirt or jeans, rather keep your money for a time, when you’d be needing something important.

In case of food, I heard from various sources how you need a list of groceries to be sure you only buy necessities. That is true, I don’t usually go to the supermarket without a list either, but what you need to keep in mind is that even though you have one, you might still buy a lot of unnecessary items. Example: today I made a list of things I should buy for another three days. I folded it and put it in my purse, but just before I left I went to grab some water from the fridge and realised I listed a lot of things I already had! Hence, whenever you decide to go shopping look through your cupboards, fridge and refrigerator to learn what you really have there and maybe during that routine you might invent dishes that don’t need additional shopping – my favourite: spaghetti alio olio.

Another frugal thing I learned recently is to eat less meat. Meat is expensive – it deteriorates fast and you need to spend a lot of time to prepare it, plus you might feel bloated and tired from excess in your diet – shop smarter and more consciously.


2. Find additional sources of income.

The best tip to not be broke is to earn more and from various sources. I work full-time for a company in Warsaw, but I also cooperate with other companies just to have additional source of income. If you can’t get another job, think about contacting your supervisor about a raise, or some additional benefits. Another way to do it is to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, but other people may perceive useful – sell those off e-bay and save the money for later.

3. Look for small saving opportunities.

Don’t spend money on useless crap is more approriate for a title here, but it corresponds too much with point number one, so let me stay with the “look for small saving opportunities”. Generally, don’t spend money on… plastic bags – take some from home, gym membership cards if you’re too lazy to ever practice, paid applications on your iPad or phone – cause you don’t need any of it, even if you think you do, magazines and newspapers – use the Internet instead. Don’t buy bottled water if you have the same one or better in your tap, don’t buy fancy notebooks, pens etc. if you have a lot of them lying around your house. Don’t buy flowers, eat at restaurants, drink at pubs… generally live like a freaking monk for a while, but trust me, you will be rewarded. And, oh boy, it will be worth it!

4. Because the whole reason for saving up is to be able to spend it later on something totally worth it!

Keep your goal in mind and work towards it! If it’s a trip, renting a dream car (looking at you Floret), expensive camera or even paying up your debts. Work hard for it and you’ll finally achieve all your goals! Living life frugaly has to have a purpose, and collecting money is a crappy one, trust me. Money does not bring happiness, unless it’s a mean to achieve what you want. So buckle up on your adventure to whatever it is you need to save money for.

Btw. If anyone of you will tell me you don’t need to save money because you don’t have any debts, but in the same time you have mortgage on your house, credit or your balance on the credit card is not 0, than you are an idiot and you should save money cause you’re drowning in debt! If you are not in debt, you don’t owe money to ANYONE! Simple as that.