Zalando wishlist – no polyester challenge

Zalando has become my favorite hunting grounds recently, with convenient 100 days return policy and great prices. I have browsed for hours through tens of sweaters, cute, spring dresses and elegant shoes to find my own, personal style. I have decided to completely revamp my wardrobe several months ago, but I was a little hesitant to purchase anything as I am currently on a weightloss journey. Didn’t see a point in buying all the beautiful clothes I picked if my size was to change very soon. I have lost 7 kg (15 lbs) since the beginning of January, which accounted to going one size smaller. 

Nevertheless, as I look rather dreadful in my old clothes and have some savings, at the end of a day there is really no harm in embarking on an occasional shopping spree. Is there? There was only one thing I decided to do differently this time. I took an oath to live a more conscious life since the beginning of this year and thus all clothing items I purchase must be environmentally friendly. The wishlist I have compiled below has been specifically verified to be made of only biodegradable materials. 


Wrangler HIGH RISE skinny fit jeans

  • Material: 51% cotton, 40% lyocell, 9% elastane.
Lyocell is a celulose fibre, which according to this source is made by “dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning”. These fabrics are “more breathable and less succeptible to odorous bacteria growth”, so are perfect for gym wear and… aparently jeans as well. 
  •  Price 349,00 PLN [82,00 Euro or 92,00 USD]
Blue wrangler jeans

These might seem like very plain, a little bit boring jeans but I do think these would make a great base for other, more colorful and statement pieces. I had a huge problem finding jeans which did not contain polyester. Actually, it took me around a quarter of an hour to find these, that were esthetically pleasing and also of good quality. While ordering through Zalando you always have a chance to inspect if the item you’re purchasing contains non-biodegradable materials. 


Diane von Furstenberg Lizzie Top in goldenrod shade

  • Material: 100% silk
Silk is a greatly renewable resource with one of the smallest impacts on the environment. It does not require use of persicides or fertilizers to grow as it is created by silk warms feeding on mulberry leaves. Most of the silk in the world comes from India and China. There are several concerns related to killing warms for silk.
  •  Price 1119,00 PLN [262,00 Euro or 296 USD]
Silk, yellow top with a yellow ribbon from Zalando

This top absolutely stole my heart. I don’t understand why, but each time I really like an item it turns out to cost an arm and a leg. Do you feel the same way? Almost everything I picked during my wishlist clothes-hunt was so expensive I felt guilty even looking at it. This top is definitely to die for and I wish one day I’ll be able to afford it (and fit into it!)

Biker Jacket

Oakwood Video Biker Jacket

  • Material: 100% leather
  •  Lining: 90% cotton, 10% polyester
 Leather is one of the most impactful materials in terms of the environment. At least that’s what I’ve heard recently. What the studies don’t show is that leather usually ends up being used for longer periods of time. I hope to learn more about the impact of leather production on the environment.
  •  Price 779,00 PLN [186,00 Euro or 211,00 USD]
Brown leather biker jacket

This biker jacket is lovely. I have purposely not chosen a black one as it is too classical for me. I have been thinking about purchasing such jacket for a long time. Several years ago I had one, but it was made of literally plastic (polyester) and I felt like boiling in it during summer and freezing to death during winter. 


Marc O’Polo crimson-dark red shoulder bag

  • Material: leather
 What bugs me here is that even though I love the bag I have mixed feelings towards the producers for not giving specific materials. I would rather have a clear view of what the bag is made of to make a conscious decision if I in fact want it or not.
  •  Price 839,00 PLN [196,00 Euro or 222,00 USD]


Nike Air max 1 – Sneakers

  • Material: leather and material
Again, like in case of the bag above, there is no detailed description of what the shoes are made of. 
  •  Price 569,00 PLN [133,00 Euro or 150,00 USD]
Nike Airmax shoes from Zalando.

I will always claim that Nike Air Max’s are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I have several pairs of these, blue, white, black, blue with pink Nike sign and so on. I love these shoes and if you ever have a problem with any sneakers hurting your feet – these shoes are for you as well. I think these shoes can be worn with everything really. They fit casual as well as a little bit more formal outfits and except several very elegant occasions I would never change these for any other shoes. 


All the items above are absolutely stunning and I would purchase each and every on of them on the spot. My issue is that I have a tendency to pick things that do not form a specific outfit, but rather can be pieces of several ones. This is fine at first, but after a while I always realize how my clothes never fit with each other and what a big issue it is. I end up only wearing a shirt with jeans and any shoes I have, because no accessories ever fit my outfits. 

For now all these items are going to stay on my wishlist until I find matching pieces which will together form an entire, cohesive outfit.

And what is on your Zalando wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Zalando wishlist – no polyester challenge

    1. Thank you for the comment! There’s a lot of browsing involved with Zalando, but I think it’s similar to any online shop now.

  1. That top is gorgeous! I’m with you on the price, though. Wayyyy over my budget. I do love the idea of using only products that are biodegradable but I think in this day and age it’s almost impossible (if you wear jeans, they’re all loaded with Spandex or Lycra), but you can still cut back on the amount of waste. I, too, really like to research the leather products I buy. If the whole animal is being used (meat, hide, hair), I’m OK with it. If it’s being killed for it’s hide alone, or horn or hair, then it’s a definite NO. I had to laugh at the title “No Polyester”. I just bought a few yards of a scuba knit (polyester doubleknit) to make myself a jumpsuit costume for a “dress like it’s 1974” party and since I’m tall, that’s a whole lot of polyester!


    1. Apparently no polyester is almost impossible now anyway. After I finished this post I also found out that production of polyester is one of the least damaging from all the other materials (while production of silk is detrimental). I’m getting very confused with it. It’s a shame we don’t receive cohesive data about the entire issue.
      Dress like it’s 1974 seems like so much fun! Why this particular year?

  2. I love the blue skinny jeans, I bought some recently because I didn’t actually own any and I absolutely love them, they go with so many things! I am also loving the biker jacket, I have quite a few jackets and some similar to that one actually so I probably shouldn’t buy anymore, at least not yet haha. Lovely post!

    Chloe xx

  3. I am always so torn about leather. I know that it has a huge impact on the environment, but at the same time, the alternative (polileather) is made of plastic, right? Wouldn’t that be worse, and create a lot of non-biodegradable waste?
    Anyways, lovely pieces! I would definitely get the jacket and the jeans 🙂


    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking as well. I guess if animals are used just for their skin it’s not ok, but if they’re used also fo meat, wasting the skin would be not advised.

  4. I love that you’re trying to shop more consciously! This is something I’d really like to start doing too (after watching David Attenborough’s Our Planet doc) but I agree it’s so hard! The information out there is so contradictory sometimes. If only we could all afford to shop at Stella McCartney, hey 😉

    Olivia x

    1. I wish I could afford Stella as well! In the meantime, I hope to learn more about biodegradable materials. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. I love the bag, it’s such a beautiful colour. Good luck with the no polyester challenge, I’d love to try that out. I’ve been much more mindful of what my clothes are made from lately. That returns policy is fantastic too x


  6. Some lovely picks 🙂
    I have to say this is a website I’ve never actually tried shopping from, what a fabulous returns policy!
    I love that you’re being conscious about what you’re buying, I’ve been trying to make that change myself and it can be pretty difficult (I just wrote a post about “fast fashion” last week).
    I do exactly the same thing with just picking individual items I like and then having no outfit to wear!!!!

    Rachel | The Modern Bohemian

  7. Props to you for trying to shop sustainably! It is pretty hard to find affordable clothing nowadays that doesn’t use synthetic fibers. But you found some great pieces! I used to be the same about buying individual pieces, but I’m trying to get better about shopping more consciously.

  8. I really like those trainers! I didn’t know a lot about polyester but it’s good that you’re trying to be environmentally friendly. I think shopping sustainably is something we should all try and do when we can!

  9. I often shop on Zalando (currently bought some sports clothes) they have so many brands and deliver fast! Love this Diane von Furstenberg Lizzie Top, if it´s silk it should be soooo comfortable to wear! And by the way, I also choose pieces that don´t form an outfit lol always!

    Have a nice week!

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