A weekend at sea – Sopot and Hel [POLAND]

Vacation at Polish sea is a debatable matter. I never experienced such, even being Polish and living four hours away by car, as I think it’s overpriced, not that attractive (rather cold water all year-long if you ask me) and so much less appealing than simply flying to Croatia and enjoying perfect beaches with even more ideal weather.

This year though, my future in-laws moved to Gdynia, a harbour town on the north of Poland, and I visited them twice already. Since being a blogger is all about sharing and, as a classic put it, sharing is carrying, let me share with you some beautiful places I’ve visited while on those trips.


Most of the time seen as the least appealing city out of entire tricity area. It’s a home of fisherman and harbour, most well known for riots that ended Communism in Poland. I really grew to love the city. It’s a part of a rather large complex, but in the same time, still a rather small town, mostly modern, due to it’s complicated history. Gdynia is a great place to visit, with the biggest, natural cliff (on the Orłowo beach), museum ships in the harbour (including a destroyer and a frigate) and a great “old town”.

Hint: if you ever find yourself venturing to the Tricity area, remember to stay in Gdynia for the night, as it’s perfectly communicated with Gdańsk and Sopot and in the same time prices are way lower!


Gdynia is quite famous for great examples of modern architecture, such as monumentalism and early functionalism. In the same time, you can quite effortlessly find great views of the sea, long promenades, cute marinas, yacht clubs, sandy beaches and beautiful waterfronts. Let’s not forget about the most important aspect of travelling: food. I visited several restaurants and I love all of these, offering exquisite dishes in an acceptable price.

Welcome to Hel

Hel is a rather small town just at the top of the Hel Peninsula. Engulfed from both sides with the Sea, it’s one of the most climatic and enchanting places in northern Poland. It was my first time visiting Hel, and the Peninsula as a whole. Absolutely loved it. Especially for the fresh air, great views and very few tourists.


You can take a rather long walk along the tip of the peninsula, look at the sea hitting the shore from three sides and even visit a seal center, located not far from the walking trail. It’s best to stop by the center during the feeding time, so you can see all nine to ten seals perfectly. Also, who doesn’t love those cute animals?


You can also travel to the marina and see fisherman’s’ boats and even war ships!


Sopot is a resort city and one of the most popular touristic destinations in Poland. The town is enchanting, sheltered from an open sea by the Hel Peninsula, which makes water in the sea a lot warmer. Clean, spotless sand of rather white gold colour creates a beautiful scenery, even in rather autumn/winter conditions.


It’s probably most well-known feature is the longest wooden pier in the old continent (over 500 meters), which happens to be a great venue for recreational and health walks.

1_weekend at sea_journalofdorota_picture.jpg

Concentration of iodine in the air at the sea is doubled compared to the land, which makes it a perfect spot for health walks as well. If you are quite rich, you can always stay at the Grand Hotel in Sopot. That is a rather long-term dream of mine to stay there for a night or two. As it would probably be a financial equivalent of going to Croatia for two weeks, I never fulfilled my childhood dream, but just imagine: what an amazing feeling it must be to wake up, open the curtains and see only the sea.


Oh, and can you imagine, sipping champagne from one of these fancy, tall glasses at the pool in a place like this? One day, Grand Hotel, one day!


I don’t think I’m going to visit Polish sea for summer holidays anytime soon, but I do think that it’s a great destination for a weekend trip, especially with the airport in Gdańsk. So, if you’ve never had a chance, check Gdynia, Sopot and Hel out!





11 thoughts on “A weekend at sea – Sopot and Hel [POLAND]

  1. Love this post!
    My grandmother was polish which makes me quarter polish and I’m ashamed to say I’ve never visited Poland but it’s definitely on my bucket list and this post has inspired me to go sooner! Thanks for sharing, it looks and sounds beautiful!

    Stacie xx

  2. I wanted to visit Gdynia for a while. I first looked it up because it came up when I looked for the etymology of word Gdinj. My mother is from Gdinj, a small village on island Hvar. I believe it has the same etymology as Gdynia. I think it’s a great place to visit, even if the sea is cold. Weekend at the seaside is always lovely. I’m originally from Croatia but now I live in Herzegovina. I really miss the sea!

    All of these seaside cities look lovely. Hel in particular looks enchanting! Sopot looks nice a nice touristic country too….and with the airport in Gdansk these towns are easily reachable. Air travel is one of the best inventions, I don’t know how we lived before it!

  3. Thank you, dear Dorota! Last year my husband and I were on the Baltic See (Usedom) in Germany and it belonged to our huge pleasure to walk repeatedly by foot to Poland and visit “Swinemünde” (Świnoujście). I see Sopot is even more beautiful! But I understand what you wrote in the beginning about the locations at the sea in Poland – and I even understand why you visited the locations you show here in your post even twice! Honestly, now I want to visit Sopot and nothing against to stay in the Grand Hotel 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Świnoujście is definitely less beautiful than Sopot, but it’s still great! Oh yeah, the Grand Hotel is so beautiful 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  4. Living in the Grand Hotel would be so dreamy! Kinda reminds me of the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody that I watched growing up :3 Over the summer I was looking at NYC apartments for fun and noticed that NYC had a ton of converted hotels that are now apartments, which I thought was such a novel idea! // Hel looks so peaceful, love it! Thanks for sharing 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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