My 2018 wrapped

2018 has been quite a year for me.  As a classic once said; I’ve been down for so long it looked like up to me, and when I finally conquered all of my demons I have discovered many new shades of myself, my friends, family and loved ones and finally reached a point in my life when I can honestly say I am happy with where I am.

It didn’t come without an adventure, of course, so let me tell you a story, of how I survived 2018 and how it’s been the most hectic and wonderful year of my life.


2018 started exactly the same as any other year for the last decade. I made many plans, more or less unrealistic, from which only one withstood the test of time and only for a simple reason it was the most effortless and smooth one from all the rest. In the middle of January I already forgot about my “bikini body” and how I should take better care of my hair, skin and mind. I worked full-time (still am) and as I usually returned home I was drained. Quite literally exhausted, didn’t feel like doing anything really. In February, I applied for a two-part exam, that would enable me to get promotion and earn more. I blew it and the fact that 90% of other people also failed that particular day did not make me feel any better.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

It was my first failure of that sort in a long time and I felt completely crushed. What saved me from dwelling and whining was… lack of time, really. I had so much work, with my full-time job and my side business (oh yeah, I forgot to mention launching my own company) that I completely forgot about the exam. I jumped right into normal flow of the day; waking up, going to work, eating junk (most of the time, really), returning home, lazing around watching YouTube and finally going to sleep. There was no activity whatsoever, I didn’t even like going out.

In August my boyfriend Floret and I went to Croatia for summer holidays. While enjoying the country (and people) I realized how amazing my life is and how much I should focus on fulfilling my dreams, rather than focusing on all the obstacles. My holidays made me grateful for what I have and who I’ve become. Upon my return I received a rather substantial raise, which might have been additional factor for realising my life doesn’t suck that much!


In November I decided to perform several medical tests. I felt constantly exhausted (which didn’t escape Floret’s attention, his questions about my wellbeing motivated me to check what’s been going on with my body lately), I suffered from extensive hair loss, mood swings and, which hurt me the most, memory lapses. You know the feeling when you call someone and they say you just talked? Or that you get something delivered and it turned out you ordered it yourself but don’t remember a thing? Yep, that’s me. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease I wasn’t very shocked. A close relative suffered from it for years and as it might be hereditary I suspected I might have the same issue in the future, but now when I’m 28.


When I started taking medicine, suddenly I felt so much better. I don’t think I ever felt so energized in my life. I can now work for 9 hours, return home, prepare lunch for the next day, dinner, clean the kitchen, take a walk and even go for fitness classes, which up until this point was unthinkable. Literally impossible. I can spend more quality time with Floret, improve my lifestyle and still have a little bit of time for myself.


So here I am in December, planning my goals for 2019. This time, unlike all the previous years, I am going to succeed.

And how was your year? Did you struggle the way I did?


6 thoughts on “My 2018 wrapped

  1. What an inspiration for coming into 2019 – thank you so much for sharing your struggles. One thing I try to keep in mind is that I have no idea what someone else is going through (physically or mentally) and need to be considerate and treat everybody the way I want to be treated. It’s not easy to do… That’s my continued resolution. As for you, I hope 2019 is every bit as good as the last part of 2018 was for you.

  2. You are so positive! You are right about the importance of selfcare and working on realizing our dreams. It is amazing you so much despite health problems. Forgetting things is a pretty common symptom of an immune disease. I suffer from Chron disease and I often feel forgetful and exhausted after work. I’m glad to hear you found medication that works for you. I’m also happy to hear you enjoyed Croatia. I’m actually from Croatia but I don’t live there anymore. I can’t wait to go there on vacation.😀

    1. Thanks for the comment! I loved Croatia so much, it’s beautiful and I’ve never seen better beaches and water than out there in the Zadar region. Sorry to hear about your Chron disease, hope you’re feeling well.
      Happy new year!

  3. Many things you described sounds a bit familiar to me. A few years ago, I went through a though period myself, without understanding what was happening. Then, I realized, it was a burnout. I was always successful in achieving and working, but I totally forgot about resting and enjoying life. My attention was all over the place. I couldn’t stay calm, I always needed to do something. It took me some time to get back on the track. I still have a habit of overdoing, but every time I remind myself, to put everything aside and to just stay still and rest.
    Your story is very sincere. I’m happy it is working out for you so quickly! And it’s true that holidays and getaways help us to see things in another life, to inspire us 🙂 I’m sure 2019 will be amazing for you!
    Hugs and kisses,

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