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Last night, following one of the lovely YouTubers I’ve been binge-watching lately, I decided to get myself into a de-cluttering process. If you somehow travelled forward in time and are the only person in the world who doesn’t know what that means, let me explain. I will be getting rid of all of the useless items in my apartment (by donating to my friends and family). I will start with the bathroom, as it is one of the most cluttered rooms in my entire house. I have lots of cosmetics, which is really weird since I use very few and rarely any other than the ones I really like and tested for years. I have several items which I can’t live without and repurchase each time I get close to running out of. Let me present to you my beauty essentials.


#1 Bioderma Micellar Water – a classic I’ve been using for over a decade now. It never failed me – it erases all kinds of make up almost immediately without any issue, doesn’t leave leftovers or oily skin and has no smell. The only problem I see with this product is the price – I usually wait for it to get discounted in my favourite Pharmacy – if you buy a promotional pack of two bottles it will last for over a year, for sure.


#2 Ziaja Handcream – I tried many different fragrances of this cream, but my favourite of all is the goat’s milk. I love the delicate smell and the feeling of extra smooth hands. I usually carry it around with me in my purse, the packaging is great and I don’t have to worry it will “spill” inside my bag. Also, the price is very attractive – around 1,5 Euro (2$) for 80 ml is almost like getting it for free.

3# Nivea Active Care SPF 15 Lip Balm – the classic from the absolute classic. I love the smell, how it nourishes my lips and doesn’t let them crack in winter. I use it all year-long, mostly during colder days when the temperature drops below 0 degrees (32 degrees F). I used to use Carmex, but for some reason it help my lips only when I used it. If I stopped (mostly because I couldn’t find it) my lips got super dry and were peeling off. Also, yes, I am aware it says Nivea Man, but I just like that it has a vague fragrance and leaves no trace on the lips.

#4 All About Eyes Rich by Clinique – this tiny little jar of miracle cream to put on your under-eye area and forget about your problems. I like the packaging, ingredients list, that it’s hypoallergenic and works miracles for my dark circles. My only issue? Price. One little, tiny jar of this cream costs around 40 Euro (45$) which is a little bit much, considering the size. Nevertheless, it is lightweight, it reduces puffiness and eliminates every single imperfection under my eyes.


#5 L’Oreal Rare Flowers – a great purifying gel, which leaves your skin clean and ready for your evening portion of cream. It has a very distinct, pleasant smell and always leaves me in a great mood. Also, it leaves the skin very soft, even in the morning it feels much smoother.

And what are your beauty essentials? Did you try any of the products I mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I have heard great things about that Clinique eye serum and also the Bioderma micellar water. I currently use the Garnier one and it works fabulously, I’ll have to try this one when I run out of mine! I personally love decluttering. I always feel so relaxed when I’m in the process and accomplished and satisfied once completed with! Also, I’m curious to know who you were watching on YouTube?! Maybe we like the same people? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xx

    1. I just started the process of decluttering and… OMG. For years I was so proud of myself for being able to move with just one bag and now all the stuff just magically appears around me and I would need a very big truck to move anywhere 🙂 The YouTuber I talk about is Miss Amy Rach – she just seems so genuinely nice.

  2. It doesn´t get better than Bioderma Micellar Water for me, no matter which product I try – I end up going back to it. Also loved All About Eyes Rich by Clinique: really good eye cream is so hard to find!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love reading posts like this to see what other people consider to be essentials! I love Bioderma!! It’s such a classic staple and those big bottles really do last forever. I have a mini of that Clinique eye cream and I’ve never tried it! I’ll have to dig it out and see what I think x


  4. The BIODERMA is AMAZING! I used it for the first time in Paris and I was just gobsmacked by how well it removed my make-up without any issue. Absolutely need to purchase if I can!

    1. You definitely should. I still have one entire bottle left and I bought mine a year ago. So one bottle lasts a year for me. Pretty good investment 🙂

  5. I love the Garnier Micellar Water for removing makeup and daily grime. I was lucky to be sent some exfoliating toner and an essential oils serum that I’ve been using for the last couple of months and they are both AMAZING, I will definitely be repurchasing when they run out! I like the look of the hand cream you mention, I’m always on the lookout for a good one for my gardener’s hands. Lovely review and photos! x

    Lisa |

  6. I’m currently using the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup and I kind of use it as a toner too, it’s the green cover one and it’s doing awesome. But I really want to try the Bioderma one next. Ouuuu, I’ve heard wonders of this Clinique eye cream so I really need to get my hands on it. Like I honestly need to up my eye cream game! Great review and photos gal!

    xx Lena |

  7. Oh my gosh, I am in dire need of doing this myself! Why is it we never seem to get rid of our old products once we buy new ones to try and we then convert to a new regimen?
    I’ve been hearing so much about micellar water, but I’ve never personally used it. It’s on my to-try list. Thanks for all the info!

  8. The Ziaja’s Goat Milk face cream was really not for me so I did not even try the hand cream. However it’s great to see that it’s working for you without any troubles! Decluttering is always a good idea when you feel ready to part ways with your things. I really need to do that before Autumn.

  9. Okay so, here’s the deal – my sleeping pattern is just way off so, most of the time, before applying all about eyes, I look like I’ve stepped straight out of a Zombie apocalypse movie. I’m SO glad to hear that’s one of your essentials because, good lord, I couldn’t live with out it. The L’oreal rare flowers sounds lovely for prepping that skin before moisturiser – definitely one I’m going to be looking at so thank you so much for the recommendation! Wonderful post! x
    Marina Rosie x

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