Long weekend at a seaside – Baltic Sea trip – day 2

Hello world, it’s Dorota again!

Like I mentioned in the first part of my long weekend’s coverage here my trip was so eventful I simply couldn’t limit myself to writing a single post, hence I split the story into two separate chapters. Day 2 at the Baltic Sea was not nearly as fruitful as the first one, but my boyfriend Floret and I visited some great places which are definitely worth mentioning.


After the bonfire the previous night, and following the green sightseeing route, we were exhausted. Frankly speaking most of my holidays are quite tiring. I don’t think I ever spent any holiday during which I simply tanned on a beach and relaxed. This time though I decided not to join my friends on a red route (23 kilometers through the beach) and instead to spent some leisure time simply visiting the city of Łeba.

We ate breakfast in the same exact place as the day before, packed our stuff and registered out of the camping site. We couldn’t stay for another night (even if it was from Friday to Saturday) because our best friends were getting married at 2 PM the next day, and I still didn’t have a dress.

The city of Łeba is not a very big one. Population is quite small, almost reaching 4000 inhabitants, but during the season in summer it is one of the most crowded places I’ve ever seen. It is located next to a beautiful lake Łebsko, which we had an opportunity to see the day before on our way to see moving dunes and a Baltic Sea.

Since, as I mentioned, the city is mostly focused on tourists it is swamped with shops, restaurants and stands selling various types of magnets and souvenirs. As you might now (if you read any of my previous posts) I called magnets from all the places I’ve been to, so we got some. I’m not a fan of coffee. I very rarely drink it, and even if I do it tastes nothing like coffee, more like milk of slight coffee flavour. We found a really cute coffee place in the middle of the city center, but since the season hasn’t started yet and we got diddly squat. We found another place, but it was definitely not that magical anymore.

Our walk through Łeba drifted from bookstores to shops. We stuck to the main road and it took us straight to the beach. I used to make fun of people using all these colorful screens to separate from others, but since this trip I know what they really want to isolate from is the wind. Even with such a beautiful weather it was still extremely windy!

Sun was very strong that day but I still felt chilly and instead of lying on the beach tanning for the upcoming wedding we decided to travel home with several stops on the way. Our first one was, and always will be if I’m around, Warmia Park. This is a water park with slides, pools and outdoor jacuzzi in the middle of the woods. It is a great place to relax and have loads of fun on slides. The facility is located in Pluski, at the lake of the same name, just in the middle of our road home.

As you can see, the weather started shifting slowly. We spent an hour in the park (just to cool down and relax in the water) and starving we decided to have lunch consisting of leftovers from our camping trip. We drove to the lake and ate all we had with great taste (even if we ate canned food which was not ideally healthy).

After lunch we took off to Warsaw. We were very happy to sleep in our beds again and not feel all the pinecones stabbing us in the back. The next day we woke up early. You remember how I said I didn’t have a dress for a wedding yet? My boyfriend Floret was making fun of me for the entire weekend that I knew six months I will be attending a wedding and didn’t prepare. You want to guess who couldn’t find his pants for the suit and had to buy a new one? You guessed right! That’s karma in the purest form.

Luckily we managed to buy both and had a lot of fun during the entire long weekend!

And how did you spend the weekend? You prefer do travel or rest at home? Let me know in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “Long weekend at a seaside – Baltic Sea trip – day 2

  1. I prefer to travel, and I usually don’t go for tanning and relaxing holidays either, but for more active trips like you do. And I much prefer tea over coffee, while I like the scent of coffee I just can´t stomach the taste.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. I sincerely think that you have a inside touch of capturing pictures that are realy beautiful. If it goes about proportions, angles, overall scene. The camera also has very nice colours depths
    looks very real. Make more and more and don’t stop quiting:-)

  3. I wish we lived closer to a beach. That sky is so blue!


  4. What a lovely place to visit and beautiful photos!!! I love coffee, I don’t think I could live without coffee lol xx


  5. What a lovely way to spend the weekend; the weather looks to have been beautiful and I love the sound of relaxing on a beach right now, haha! 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

  6. I loooove coffee and often plan the majority of my itineraries around cafes haha. Admittedly, I usually drink milkier ones. I’ve been getting lattes and cappuccinos lately; I can’t drink black coffee 😮 or at least I’m not used to the flavour yet // The colourful screens are so interesting! I’ve never seen them at a beach before, but it does make sense to block the wind! How clever 🙂 // I usually prefer resting at home, but lately I’ve been at home so much that I would love to go out and travel! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  7. Welcome back from your trip to the Baltic Sea! Sounds like you had a great time checking the place out. Wow, the population is small! Glad local business is booming from the tourists. Love how you had a relaxing weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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