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Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game produced by Quantic Dream, a French developer who previously launched such titles as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two souls. If you played any of the aforementioned games you already get the concept, but if you haven’t – let me just say, that games produced by this studio are great titles developed with use of motion capture technique and are based on a free choice. Each action chosen by the player influences further gameplay and by consequence the entire outcome of the game.

All of the games previously produced by Quantic Dream are partly criminals and that also applies to Detroit. The gameplay is based on stories of three androids: Kara, who is programmed to perform domestic chores, Connor, who is a highly specialized android created to solve criminal cases with humans and Marcus, who is a prototype taking care of an elderly man. Players have a chance to play each character: Kara, who helps a little girl Alice get away from an abusive father, Connor who with help of a human detective Hank embark on an investigation about deviants among the android’s ranks and Marcus, who faced with near death experience tries to lead android’s revolution.


The game focuses in detail on these stories, slowly building climate and attachment to the characters. I played with my boyfriend Floret and we chose characters: I played Kara, he played Marcus and we played Connor in turns. As it happened with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two souls I got really affiliated with all the characters and they seemed very close to my heart. Each time I felt disappointed with my actions I immediately wanted to replay the chapter and improve – which is conveniently possible without having to play the entire game. After you finish you can change the decisions you took during the game by simply replaying certain chapters.


Detroit: Become Human has one of the best graphics I’ve ever seen (and yes, I played Uncharted 4). The level of detail of rendering faces as well as a portrayal of emotions is uncanny. With some games it is very easy to overdraw facial features, but in this case everything is performed perfectly. The climate, sound, storyline, plot turns and even control system all seem perfectly in sync and balanced with taste. I do believe that Detroit is the best game of Quantic Dream and undoubtedly one of the best games launched this year.


I really enjoyed all the moral choices, development of characters and even moments which made me sad, angry or simply frustrating. Since I already finished the game I can also add how badly I played some of the chapters. My choices led many of the characters to their death and I am surely going to play the game again. If you are wondering whether you should check this game out – either because you don’t like playing games or because you’re not sure if it’s a game for you – let me just say it’s money worth spending. If you are worried you don’t know how to play – please don’t – the game is fairly easy to play and I’m pretty sure that even if you never held a controller in your hands you will do great and have a lot of fun.


The only negative aspect I could think of is how slowly you are introduced to the revolution. It helps to build anticipation and of course affiliation but sometimes I felt the plot could go in a more adventurous manner. Also, some of the side characters are a little too black and white, if you know what I mean, but otherwise the game is simply brilliant.

Hope you will enjoy this great game as much as I did. Let me know how it went for you and what kind of ending you got.


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  1. My husband used to be a huge gamer however he stopped ever since we got together. I know he sometimes misses it but he insisted no PlayStation or X-Box in the house as he prefer us to spend family time outside or do other things instead of sitting in front of a game. This sounds like a really good game, maybe it might interest him back into what he used to love.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  2. That is a decent review :-). I have also played through Detroit: Become Human and personally I think that the game is really, really good. Comparing it to other interactive games so called ‘nearly movies’ like Heavy Rain, Until Dawn or Fahrenheit I would put it on the best top, why?

    Detroit devastated and depopulated during automotive industry crisis which is nowadays! and then financial renaissance due to the richest company in USA, CyberLife producing androids. You can see this scenery contrast and it just looks amazing. Then the creators of the game put onto the locations a lot of rain and you are simply watching (and playing) a hybrid of a Heavy Rain + I, Robot + Blade Runner (I’w waiting for this game since I watched the movies when I was a kido). Facial expressions are without any doubt the best in the history of video games. Period. The main plot is quite predictable but still intriguing and definitely wanting from you discovering the fates of their heroes.

    If someone doesn’t try so far it is definitely a must have 🙂

    1. I think so as well. I waited for this game for a long time, ever since I first heard of it and it did fulfill my requirements but I felt that it’s a little naive. I hated the character of Sarah. She annoyed the living hell out of me and I was quite glad I got her killed.

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