Terrible thoughts on The Rain.

I’m not an aggressive person. Quite frankly I’m probably one of the calmest flowers on a freaking lake of life, slowly drifting with a current without ever bothering anyone. That is until I turned on the new Netflix series The Rain, and became an enraged bull!

You know this thought process in your head that just because Netflix did Stranger Things and this German series Dark, it cannot do any wrong? I thought so too, I was actually excited when I saw a poster of The Rain on one of the buildings in my city. I pass it everyday on my way to work and I was getting more and more interested until yesterday – obviously because I have to study for my license exam – I watched four episodes – and it got me so pissed, I’m still shaking.

I swear, I got so worked up my boyfriend Floret warned me he will turn the tv off if I keep constantly commenting what’s going on. Obviously, I have to let off steam now when he can’t listen, so buckle up dear readers, because oh boy, this will be a ride!

Let me stop here for a breath of not so fresh big city air and a little preface:


The idea for this series reminds me highly of The Last of Us game on PS4, which I adore (like all the other products of Naughty Dog – which I will be talking about next week, so I’ll shut up now) and quite frankly this made me even more interested in The Rain. It starts with a family of four, running away from the virus spread by the rain – leading role plays a father who is a scientist working for a company called Apollon (sounds like an Umbrella Corporation to me). They hide in a bunker underground belonging to the firm and are shocked to see that a mysterious virus spreads across the country (in this case Denmark). The father parts ways with the rest of the family in order to “save the world” cliché. Everything until now is fine for me, I watch it interested, I’m not even sipping on wine that stands right in front of me. But then… I can’t really describe it without cussing – sorry guys – so PG 18 alert!

These kids, 11-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl, are so stupid I can’t watch it sitting down. Their father tells them – it’s dangerous, don’t go out, don’t ever open the door, don’t even think of leaving until I come back, and then what? They open the freaking door! I can’t handle it, seriously, I was just jumping on my couch like: “if your scientist father tells you it’s dangerous outside – it is freaking dangerous outside!”. So sit your ass on the chair and wait.

After opening the door did not go so well, the girl has a sudden realization (literally, I’m not even kidding) “I shouldn’t have opened the door”. No shit, Sherlock.


So after some time when all their food is gone they decide to leave. Very  smart, to leave just once you have one tiny box of food left. The girl leaves first, in pitch black, during the night. I would think that after some time if you don’t know what’s going on outside you’d probably choose to go out during the day ’cause you could at least see something, but the director of this show had another idea. Smart.

No worries, it goes worse with every second! The brother is probably the most annoying character I’ve seen on TV. He is such a spoiled brat I wished I could get into the series just to smack him across the face. He is whining about everything, I don’t think I’ve seen even one scene when he wasn’t infuriating. Such a little bitch, I swear.

After they meet some additional characters (my theory – there is always someone needed to die in the background) they venture to the city of Copenhagen. For at lest 15 minutes all you hear is that it’s dangerous there, because scavengers roam the city to get everybody’s food. What’s the logical choice to do when you enter the city during virus-apocalypse? Walk in the middle of a 4 lane street and later go to freaking Burger King, eat your packed-bunker-food there and hope nobody is gonna kill you for it. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Who the hell directed it?!

I checked by the way, but these are some crazy Danish names and I can’t handle copying it. 


I just finished the show and it makes no sense whatsoever. I swear, I liked the vibe and the whole series wasn’t all rubbish, but honestly… I would never choose to watch it ever again. They generally ripped a great The Last of Us story, simply changing it from zombie-apocalypse into the virus one, except Ellie is not so damn annoying and you actually feel sad when side characters die. In case of The Rain I felt like… nah, who cares.

To be honest, I’m not saying: “don’t ever watch it”. I’m saying be prepared, because you might get annoyed. Or angry. Or pissed.

Sorry for my ranting tonight, but I really had to get it off my chest!


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  1. Hello ! Intersting to read ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Have a nice evening! Regards from seiser alm unterkunft 😉 Anja

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