Best movies I’ve seen this year

Hello world,

when I was a student I watched a ton of movies ranking them meticulously on a polish equivalent of IMDB. After graduation, when I started working, I didn’t have that much time to go to the cinema or watch movies at home and hence all films that I do see must be somehow selected.

I started by googling various rankings of movies, but all of them considered films I’ve already seen or read terrible reviews of. Then, by accident really, I looked for movies on various blogs, asked my friends, and even random strangers on IMDB.

The following movies are three of the best movies I’ve seen this year:

perfect strangers

“Perfetti sconosciuti” (in English Perfect Strangers) is an Italian movie I’ve seen with my boyfriend (in here nicknamed Floret) some time ago. We got inspired by one of the Polish actresses (Kasia Smutniak) who happens to be an acklaimed leading lady in Italy. The movie focuses on a group of friends who meet for dinner where they decide to play a of putting all their phones on the table and reading all text messages or listening to all phonecalls. You can only imagine what kind of drama arises from such a turn of events, unveiling everyone’s secrets at one table.


Which leeds me to an epithany, that my texts would probably be the most boring messages to read. I only text a close group of friends, my parents and Floret. My whole life moved to my work phone, which is… I don’t even know how to describe it. I think pictures speak volumes more than words, hence…


Texting with that amazing piece of technology is literally like moving to a previous century. The only messages I get are notifications of missed calls. And what about you? What messages would your phone reveal?


Contratiempo (English: Setback) is a Spanish thriller movie, that is a refreshing change to all of the Hollywood pictures. It focuses on a guy, handsome and successful businessman, who is accused of murdering his mistress Laura. He hires a great attorney (amazing role of Ana Wegener) to get him out of trouble. The film focuses on him preparing his statement to the court.


I know it does not sound very… exciting, but honestly, it’s a must see!

I can’t write more about the plot without spoiling it, but let me just tell you: climate, actors, surrounding, pictures and quite frankly everything fits perfectly. At the beginning I was a little biased, I guessed “who the murderer is” right away, but it was really entertaining.


Les Petits mouchoirs (English: Little white lies) is a French movie that made me cry like a baby for fifteen minutes. Amazing Marion Cotillard, Francois Cluzet and their friends embark on the summer holidays while their best friend Ludo lies in a coma in the hospital after terrible scooter accident. The movie is both hilarious and terribly sad. I don’t think I ever cried that much while seeing a film (except Disney cartoons  which usually make me cry my heart out).


It is a warm story of friendship and how such are sometimes very fragile and based on lies and misconseptions. Watch it with a box of tissues aside.

I hope you will enjoy all three. I chose this particular set of movies, since they made an impact on me, and they are not as well recognized as all of the Hollywood productions with which we are constantly flooded with on billboards and ads on YouTube.

Have an amazing Friday!



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  1. Świetny wybór filmów. Polecam szczególnie “Contratiempo”. Nie spodziewałem się tak dobrego thriler’a.

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